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1969 Ford F-100


The 1969 Ford f-100. As the fifth generation of Ford f-series trucks this beast comes from a long line of greatness. However this truck's outstanding reliability, sharp style, and 302 v8 engine with a 3 speed manual set it apart from the others. The f-100 has carved its name in car history by establishing the perfect mix of head turning style and mind boggling power. As far as great trucks go, the 1969 f-100 sets the bar.

1975 Jeep CJ5


The 1975 jeep cj5. Coming from a long line of well engineered jeeps, however this is the last of the real Jeeps that didn't come polluted with an automatic transmission option and miles of needless smog equipment. 2-door, open body type, 4x4 with a 3 speed manual transmission. And to top it all off an optional CJ 304 V8 engine with powerful 100hp that gives 251Nm of torque. For all the real Jeep lovers out there, there's little argument on the matter that the 1975 cj5 is nearly as classic and incredibly engineered as it gets.

1965 International Scout


The 1965 international scout. Traditional steel body-on-frame construction, less traditional was International Harvester’s choice of power. The Scout's 152-cid slant-four engine was essentially the right bank of IH’s 304-cid V-8 even though it only offered a dismal 93 horsepower. However in 1965 scouts were given an optional turbocharger increasing the horsepower significantly. And with its removable top the scout can transform into a small convertible utility truck.

2016 Ford Raptor


The 2016 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is all kinds of ridiculous in the best of ways. It took Ford’s most capable pickup, the F-150, gave it the highest strength steel frame of any ford ever, a military grade aluminum alloy exterior, high grade sports suspension, and a new 3.5-liter Ecoboost twin turbo V6 with a 10 speed automatic transmission that’s expected to produce more than 500 horsepower while having substantial fuel efficiency as well.